Boarding & Daycare

Put your best friend in the best hands

Daycare & Boarding at Pet Paws

If your pup needs a bit of exercise and love while you are away at work or on a trip, then Pet Paws has the place for you. A team of dog lovers, we care for your best friend as if they were our own. Your dog will love spending time here. We give them a stimulating and communal environment. They will find 7 different indoor play areas with bedding and plenty of toys to share with their new friends.

Doggy Daycare at Its Best

Put your puppy in an environment where they will grow and enjoy themselves. At Pet Paws, we have 4500 square feet of play area inside and 2,000 square feet outside. We give your dog some fundamental training. They will spend plenty of time with other dogs of similar size and with similar temperaments. We screen all pets before they stay at our doggy daycare. This way, we ensure that all dogs are safe and enjoy a positive, playful environment. We feed all dogs separately, and we only give them the food you give us. If you want to leave a piece of clothing your clothing or a special plaything for your pet, please do so. We want your dog to be at ease here. If your dog needs special food or medicine, just let us know! We can accommodate. Let us know your pups schedule, and we will take care of everything.

Overnight Stays

If you need to go away for a few nights, you can drop your pet off with us. We have plenty of beds for you pal, and we will make them comfortable. Your pup will get the blankets, bedding, and toys they need to feel at home here. Each night, we turn off the lights and play relaxing music. We often play a Disney movie in the background. We have staff here all night, and your pet is never left alone. You won’t find a calmer atmosphere outside of your home!

Requirements & Fees

We screen all our guests to ensure the safety of your pet. We only allow dogs who are current on their vaccines, take flea and heartworm medication, and are fixed. Our fees are as follows:

  • Dog Boarding
    • 1 Dog: $29/night
    • Additional Dogs (same family): $19/night
  • Full Day Doggy Daycare (more than 4 hours)
    • 1 Dog: $21/day
    • Additional Dogs (same family): $17/night
    • Repeat Guests (more than 1/week): $17/day
  • Half Day Doggy Daycare (4 hours or less)
    • 1 Dog: $15/day
    • Additional Dogs (same family): $13/day
  • Packages
    • 7 Full Days Per Month: $105
    • 10 Full Days Per Month: $135
    • Monday-Friday Daycare for a Month
      • 1 Dog: $250/month
      • Additional Dogs (same family): $125/month
    • 7 Full Days & 2 Nights Per Month
      • 1 Dog: $350/month
      • Additional Dogs (same family): $185/month

Cancellation Policy

You must cancel your booking with more than 48 hours advanced notice. When you book a major holiday, we need 72 hours advanced notice. Pet Paws considers the following major holidays: Christmas, Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Labor Day, July 4th, Memorial Day, and Thanksgiving.

Book Your Dog’s Stay with Pet Paws

Pet Paws loves to spend time with your dog. If you need daycare or overnight boarding, then we are the place for you. Call us or contact us online today.